If you've ever been slapped with a fat parking ticket or worse, had your car towed, you know how quickly it can ruin a day. Though most violations likely result from a misjudgement or mistake on your part, it doesn't mean you don't deserve a little cheering up. Luckily, Taiko Canteen, a Calgary taco shop located right next to the impound lot, will give you free fries if you show them your parking violation or impound receipt. The Taiko Canteen free fries offer includes a free order of their popular Lucky Fries to anyone who brings in their proof.

In an email sent to Narcity, a spokesperson for the popular taco spot explained that "Taiko Canteen is bringing a little bit of joy to those that get towed for parking violations!"

Not only is it a silver lining in a bad situation, but it's also extremely convenient. "Since the Canteen is located right next to the Impound Lot (4 minute walk), for those that bring in their parking ticket, they will receive a free order of Lucky Fries on the house," they wrote.

The deal will run until the end of January 2020 and intends to add a little extra joy to the holiday season. Even if you don't have a parking ticket to show them, you should definitely try these fries.

Taiko Canteen is a total must for anyone who likes to eat tacos and have fun. It’s a converted warehouse space with two food trucks and a mini-golf course.

Taiko Canteen’s menu items consist of delicious tacos such as pork belly, ginger beef, eggplant, and a whole lot more. They also have bowls and a wide variety of side dishes. 

On top of the food and fun, there are also $7 draft beers, $6 cans of beer, $8 wine on tap, and a ton of fresh cocktails to try.

There is no better activity than eating tacos, drinking beer, and playing minigolf, and that's a fact. Especially if you've just been burned with a big parking fine.

Whether you've got a parking ticket in hand or you're just looking for a fun date idea, Taiko Canteen has got you covered.

Parking in Calgary isn't always easy, but this might make the experience a little less traumatic. Enjoy your Lucky Fries, you unlucky drivers. 

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