There's only so much ice cream one can eat and once you've had your fill this summer, you'll be looking for something else sweet and creamy to satisfy your sweet tooth! The Alley Bubble Tea in Calgary is finally here and Calgarians are about to become "Deer Fans" this summer. The Alley is already in Vancouver and Toronto cities where Deer Fans go crazy for their delicious brown sugar infused tapioca pearls.

The Alley is a bubble tea brand from Taiwan that's taking Canada by storm. Everyone who tries their "Deerioca" pearls simply can't go back to regular boba. From colourful and unique menu items to delicious bubble tea classics, The Alley is going to be Calgary's new hangout spot for the summer.

You'll want to go to The Alley for the bubble tea but you'll stay for the aesthetic. The company was actually started by four interior designers who wanted to build a community-minded space and redefine bubble tea culture. You'll have to visit for yourself and see just how comfortable and adorable the store is!

The #1 drink at The Alley has got to be their Royal No 9 Milk Tea. It's a black tea that was roasted with blueberries and has a natural, subtle fruity blueberry taste! Plus, you can sub milk for organic soy milk for a tasty dairy-free alternative. 

Any tea in their Deerioca Series is pretty popular, too. They slow cook their pearls in a "brown sugar lava" for at least two hours and they're made fresh daily. It's better to go earlier in the day, actually because they're so popular they might even run out!

The Aurora Series is the most colourful and eye-catching offering from The Alley and it's the perfect refreshing drink for summer. The original founders of the bubble tea company were inspired by the colours of the Northern Lights and wanted to capture them in a drink! Both of them are made with icy slush and served in a clear bottle so you can see the colours change when you shake the bottle!

The Alley

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Bubble Tea

Address: 233 Centre St S, Calgary

Why you need to go: This insane bubble tea place is the most delicious and Instagram-worthy spot for refreshing summer drinks!