Calgary Just Got Ranked The Best City In The World For Drivers

No more complaining allowed, Calgary.
Calgary Just Got Ranked The Best City In The World For Drivers

If you're a Calgary driver, this news may come as a surprise. Calgary has just been ranked the best city in the world for drivers. So, if you spend a lot of time complaining about traffic, construction, and other drivers in Calgary, it sounds like it could be a whole lot worse. Calgary is the best city in the world for drivers and we should all wear this title with pride during our commutes today.

A study released by Mister Auto called The 2019 Driving Cities Index gives us a breakdown of which cities worldwide are the best for drivers.

The study weighed a number of credentials including the number of cars per capita, traffic, road and public transit quality, visibility, infrastructure, safety, and costs. These guys were not messing around.

They also analyzed fatality rates from car accidents, incidents of road rage, and general driving culture. 

As it turns out, Calgary passed these tests with flying colours. Though driving in the city might not always feel ideal, it seems it's better than literally anywhere else, so count your blessings, Calgary.

Two other Canadian cities have made it onto Mister Auto's top 10 cities for drivers. Ottawa was ranked the third-best in the world and Vancouver has also made the top ten at number six.

To put it in perspective, the scoring system is out of 100 and Calgary actually managed to get a score of 100. Ottawa received a 96.6 and Vancouver got 95.99.

Joining these three Canadian cities in the top 10 are Dubai, Bern, El Paso, Gothenburg, Dusseldorf, Basel, and Dortmund.

We know you're probably wondering who landed at the bottom of the list. This last on the list scored in at an astonishing one point.

Counting in at one point and earning the last spot on the list is Mumbai, India, making it the worst city in the world for drivers.

Also in the bottom 10 are Athens, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Bogota, Karachi, Lagos, Kolkata, and Ulaanbaatar.

If you're a fan of road tripping to discover new countries, you may want to hop out of the car when you reach these cities.

So, Calgary, it looks like we've got it a whole lot better than we thought. If you're stuck in traffic today, take a moment to consider how good you've got it up there on the top of the podium.

The roads in Calgary can be completely crazy sometimes, especially in the winter. But hey, it could be worse.

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