Summer is all about getting out and about and exploring. Whether it's hiking in the mountains, checking out the patio scene on 17th, or just going on a walk downtown, you're bound to find a few hidden gems along the way. 

Although our city is jam-packed full of hidden gems, there is one neighborhood in Calgary that seems to top the rest. From adorable little shops to huge warehouses converted into craft breweries, Inglewood is officially the place to spend your next Saturday afternoon exploring. Text your BFF, throw on a cute outfit and grab your sunnies - it's time to hit the city!

Inglewood is located in the SE, close to the Calgary Zoo and Stampede grounds. It's chalked full of unique places, and it's even the filming location for the hit show Fargo! Although it's not hard to run into awesome little spots, we've done the hard work and set up a list of all the must-see hidden gems in the area:

Cold Garden Beverage Company

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Where: 1100 11 St SE

This old warehouse has been converted into the coolest craft brewery in the city. It's jam-packed full of cool little trinkets and antiques, so wherever you look you find something super comical and awesome. Oh, and did I mention it's dog-friendly? You can drink beer and pet dogs at the same time - what more could you ask for?

The Livery Shop

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Where: 1130 10th Ave SE

This unsuspecting barn has a magical surprise inside. It's the absolute cutest shop in town that sells clothing, jewellery, and other odds and ends. They are a hipster's haven, and you will probably spend at least an hour in there trying to narrow down what you can afford to buy on today's budget, since you'll want literally everything in the store.


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Where: 1327 9 Ave SE

Looking to buy a new succulent to keep you company at your work desk? This is the place to go. Plant has tons of different types of greenery that are sure to boost your mood and give you a sense of purpose in life as you try to keep them alive! They also have just a super cool aesthetic inside the shop, perfect for an IG photoshoot too!

Kent Of Inglewood

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Where: 1319 9 Ave SE

This barber/shop hybrid is every man's dream. It's filled with the manliest of things, from knives to razors to some amazing-smelling beauty products. One thing that stands out about this place is the customer service - they are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet!

Inglewood Pizza

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Where: 1225 9 Ave SE

Featured in the hit show Fargo, Inglewood Pizza has become a necessary stop whenever locals are on the main strip. It's the perfect drunk food pizza too, so keep their number handy next time you go out in the area!

The Blues Can

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Where: 1429 9 Ave SE

This garage-converted-blues bar is one of the most unique and genuine places to drink in Calgary. It will transport you to another time, and is the perfect place to spend a Thursday night mellowing out and having a few drinks with some pals. The live blues music is top notch, as are the vibes and aesthetic inside.


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Where: 1208 9 Ave SE

Are you all about those vinyl vibes? This is the place to go. This massive record store is packed full of pretty much every record you could imagine. It's also one of the coolest spots to take photos, especially in the little hidden room pictured above (walk straight to the back of the store and turn right). They also have vintage CDs and cassettes!