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The Calgary Flames Are Hiring For 6 Different Jobs You Can Get Without Any Hockey Skills

If you haven't heard, hockey is a pretty big deal in Calgary. Many of us grew up idolizing our favourite players for the Calgary Flames, wondering what it would be like to be in their shoes (or skates) one day. We might not have been able to fulfill our hockey dreams all the way to the NHL, but that doesn't mean we can't get involved in other ways. 

As you may have guessed, the Calgary Flames is way more than just a hockey team. It's a massive provincial organization that requires an army of people to keep the entire operation running smoothly. 

Whether it's the ticket agents ensuring that each spectator is guaranteed a seat in the stadium come game night, or the photographer who continues to take awesome photos of the players in action, each and every employee within the organization matters. 

They all contribute to a collective experience that is shared by both the fans and the team that remind us time and time again why we love hockey as much as we do. 

The Flames franchise is a huge employer in the city, and now is the perfect time to find a place for yourself within their organization.

Yes, they're hiring, so you'd be a fool not to at least throw your name in the ring. Especially if you're a hardcore Flames fan. 

Here are six cool jobs with the Calgary Flames. 

Flames Ice Crew

Okay, this is actually the next best thing to being a legit hockey star. Not to mention you could be skating on the same ice that the NHLers do.

This part-time position's responsibilities including preparing the ice before games, interacting with community members as brand ambassador for the Flames, and just hyping up the crowd before games.

If you're a strong skater and you love some crowd engagement, then apply right here.

Saddleroom Cook

If you want to find the ideal job that combines your love for both food and hockey, then look no further.

As a cook in the Saddleroom, you will be involved in the preparation of food for the restaurants, suites, banquet functions in the Saddledome. And yes, that does include the glorious game nights.

There is nothing quite like going to work every day at the home of the Flames. And hearing the crowd roar at each and every home goal as you cook.

If that's something you'd be interested in, apply now.

I.T. Specialist

This position will allow you to correspond with leading members of the Calgary Flames and their parent organization, Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation.

The duties include being able to provide quick and effective technical assistance and continue maintaining the organization's networks and systems.

There are some specific details to the position, which you can read for yourself. But all in all, it could be a sweet gig for those how love sports and technology. If that's your thing, apply here.

Game Presentation Supervisor 

Now, this may seem like a confusing position at first but upon reading the description, it sounds super fun and it will get you very involved in the arrangement of game nights.

As a game presentation supervisor, you will be responsible for writing and scripting all live productions during the season.

You would be working with other departments to ensure that all initiatives run smoothly. You will also be able to produce video features for the games. How cool is that?

If you're someone who fancies being super busy during game nights, then this is the job you should apply to.

Tracking Operator

Now, this position isn't with the Calgary Flames themselves but it requires you to be an avid spectator anyway. You will be working as an operator for SportsMediaTechnology, continually following the game and noting down tracking details on the computer application.

The job responsibilities will require you to monitor the events in the game and simultaneously handle computers. Individuals with extensive computer skills are encouraged to apply, but other than that, no other qualifications are required.

You will be in the arena on all the game nights, literally get paid to watch the game, and obsess over the hockey stats. Most hockey fans do that anyway. So don't hesitate to apply right away.

Changeover/Maintenance Member

If you like being on your feet during work, then this is exactly the sort of position for you. You will be involved in ensuring that the facilities of the Calgary Flames, including the stadium, are running smoothly.

That may include snow removal, landscaping, heavy lifting, installing board and working on the ice. All shifts are dependent on the events, so you will need flexible availability.

If that's what you're into, go ahead and apply to this job right away. What's the harm in trying anyway?

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