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You Can Go For Daily Walks With Penguins At The Calgary Zoo This Winter

Finally, a type of exercise we can get behind. 🐧
The Calgary Zoo Penguin Walk Lets You Go For Daily Walks With Penguins This Winter

The Calgary Zoo is coming through with the cuteness once more. The Calgary Zoo Penguin Walk is back for another season and you can join the zoo's king penguins on their daily walks from now until March 2020. They start their walk (or waddle) every day at 11 a.m. and you should probably be there to witness it.

This year marks the eighth season of the Penguin Walk and the king penguin colony is bigger than ever.

The zoo’s website explains that the walk is a “free-choice activity for the penguins,” meaning that they are only joining their friends on the walk if they feel like it that day.

The walks only take place if the weather is safe for the penguins. Therefore, it must be below -5 C and above -25 C.

So, there may be a few chilly Calgary days that it doesn’t run this winter. The public is advised to keep an eye on the zoo’s website and social media in case of cancelation notices.

You may be wondering why this is a thing. Well, beyond the obvious cuteness, there are actually significant health benefits for the little guys and gals.

Everything about this is just too cute to pass up.

“In the wild, king penguins can travel far distances to find open water so giving them the choice of a daily walk is tremendous for their health and overall well-being,” explains the Calgary Zoo. “They LOVE to walk, and we love that we can help to facilitate them doing so in a safe environment,” they continue.

According to the zoo’s website, king penguins are actually pretty big. They stand about 1-meter tall and weigh up to 51 pounds.

You might even catch a glimpse of some fluffy little babies along for the walk.

To witness the walk, all you need to do it purchase a day pass to the Calgary Zoo which costs $29.95 for adults. Once you’re in, you can stick around and explore all day long.

If you're wondering which day to go, the zoo gets totally decked out for Valentine's Day and it makes for the cutest date ever.

There is truly nothing cuter than a daily penguin parade. We can all take a little fitness inspiration form these black and white beauties who choose to go on their optional walk every day.

Wait until the vicious Alberta cold snap dies down and then head to the zoo for the best walk you've ever been on.

Penguin Walk

Price: $29.95

When: Daily until March 2020

Address: 210 St. George's Dr. N.E., Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Go: Watch overjoyed penguins take their daily walk outside of their enclosure at the Calgary Zoo.

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