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The Calgary Zoo Has Brand New "Chonk Cats" & The Internet Is In Love

Some people think they look like Dr. Seuss characters!

Two extra-fluffy, extra-chonky, winter-ready cats are causing a storm at The Calgary Zoo this week, and they’re getting all the love on social media. The Calgary Zoo’s new cats have caught the attention of hundreds of Canadians after their photo was shared to the zoo’s social media pages. Now, the internet is swooning over these huge fluffies, and some people even think they look like Dr. Seuss characters!

Last month, The Calgary Zoo introduced a pair of very fluffy sisters to their Eurasia habitat, and they’re a pretty rare pair indeed. 

The Pallas’s cats, now named Nox and Pema, came to the zoo from Utah, and have lived in their new Alberta home ever since the end of October.

Famously known for their grumpy, scowling appearance, the small and furry wild cats spend most of their days hiding from everyone, and are most likely to be spotted in the evenings.

If they weren’t relatable enough already, these Central Asian “chonk cats” are looking extra-chubby this time of year, as they prepare for the chilly winter ahead.

Naturally, the internet is totally swooning over these two floofy sisters, and The Calgary Zoo has finally managed to snap a photo.

In a post on Instagram, the zoo explained, “We are thrilled to announce we have 2 new cats! Pallas's cat sisters, Nox & Pema, have joined the Calgary Zoo family...”

“They were officially introduced to their Eurasia habitat ... at the end of October, but we have finally managed to capture this elusive cat on camera," the zoo wrote.

It didn’t take long for animal lovers to respond to The Calgary Zoo’s new kitties, with one Instagram user replying, “That looks like a Dr.Seuss creature!"

A second Instagram follower responded, “omg. Omg. omg. Omg. omg. Omg. omg. omg.”

Another joked, “Why does this look like me when someone unexpectedly knocks on the door of my house.”

Similar comments were made on Twitter, where one Twitter user also responded, "She looks like what I imagine a Dr. Seuss cat would look like!"

Another simply added, "Lorge friend."

A third re-tweeted and wrote, "Calgary Zoo now has Chonk Cats!"

This isn't the first time that the zoo's new additions have had the whole internet swooning. Earlier this year, the zoo's littlest ever penguin was born from a broken egg.

They went on to host a gender reveal party for the littlest penguin, who continues to thrive with his surrogate mom!

The Calgary Zoo's Pallas's cat sisters are currently living in the Eurasia section of the zoo. 

You can follow their adventures by clicking here.

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