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The Coolest Calgary Speakeasy Is Hidden Behind This Secret Bookshelf Door

This place is quite possibly Calgary's best-kept secret, so much so that we feel a little guilty exposing it like this, but we trust you guys enough to keep it on the DL. It's called Betty Lou's Library, and it's this 1920's era prohibition speakeasy that will totally transport you back in time...if you can find the entrance, that is. 

First, you need to go through the building and down the stairs, and dial a special number into a rotary phone. When a hostess picks up, you have to say the correct password. Then the seemingly normal bookcase opens up to reveal a hidden world inside, and right when you walk in, you are transported to another world. 

The waitresses are decked out in flapper dresses, and the place is adorned with vintage velvet chairs. The speakeasy regularly hosts Jazz Bands, Musicians, Dancers and Burlesque shows. It is definitely a place that Gatsby himself would hang out at. This means that it's also the perfect excuse to get all dolled up in your best 1920's gear (not mandatory, but super fun). 

The drinks, while on the pricier side, are totally worth it. They also have a few light eats if you're feeling especially fancy. 

The key to getting into this place is to make reservations (and make them in good time). You can do that here. That being said, they also welcome walk-ins, but sometimes there can be a wait if you do this. Regardless of when or how you end up there, just make sure you do. You can thank us later. 

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