As we head into August, we officially enter the dog days of summer. The heat is in full swing and we're all officially hot as HECK (peep the weather forecast for next week). The high temperatures definitely call for some cold drinks to cool off.

What's the best way to attain said drinks? A bar crawl with friends of course! Summer bar crawls are the absolute best. You can hop from bar to bar, getting a new experience, vibe, and drink from each place, all the while having an amazing time with your core group of friends. 

Calgary is home to many unique and vibrant bars and pubs, making a bar crawl a diverse and entertaining experience for sure. We've done the hard work for you, so text the group chat and print off this map, your Friday night is about to get LIT. 

Here's the map:


Where: 2437 4 St SW

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This bar/restaurant hybrid gets more and more lively as the night goes on, and is the perfect place to go for a casual yet still LIT evening.

2. Home & Away

Where: 1331 17 Ave SW

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This place is extra awesome because they have tons of arcade games and other types of games that you can play while you drink!

3. The Ship & Anchor

Where: 534 17 Ave SW

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This super casual pub is the perfect place to go for some patio beers with friends. They also have live music quite often too!

4. Cleaver

Where: 524 17 Ave SW #102

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Feeling a little extra? This super cool cocktail bar serves up some crazy unique drinks, from cotton candy to drinks that are on fire, they have it all.

5. Cowboys

Where: 421 12 Ave SE

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If you crave the dancefloor and are more into the clubbing scene, this is the place for you. Don't worry, they don't strictly play country music!

6. Cold Garden Beverage Company

Where: 1100 11 St SE

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This craft brewery not only has the coolest atmosphere ever, it's also dog-friendly. And we all know that there is nothing better than getting to pet a dog when you're drunk af.

7. National Beerhall

Where: 240 8 Ave SW #360

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Rooftop patio? Yes please! Enjoy your drinks here while you gaze up at the stars, and probably run into at least 4 people from your high school.

8. Knoxville's

Where: 840 9 Ave SW

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Another essential clubbing spot in Calgary is Knoxville's, known as the spot where people usually have a little TOO much to drink...

9. Ranchman's Club

Where: 9615 Macleod Trail SE

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If you love country music, two-stepping, and practising your bull-riding skills, Ranchman's is the place to go!

10. Hop In Brew Pub

Where: 213 12 Ave SW

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This unique pub is definitely the perfect place to end off your bar-crawl night. It's an old house converted into a pub, making it a super chill spot!