These Are The Most Haunted Spots In Alberta That You Must Road Trip To This Fall

Could you spend the night in a haunted hotel?
These Are The Most Haunted Spots In Alberta That You Must Road Trip To This Fall

It's that time of year again! The leaves are changing colours, Pumpkin Spiced Lattes are back, and fall is in the air. I'm personally a big believer that fall is the perfect season in theory, until you actually have to get outside and face the harsh realities of the cold - or you remember that winter is just weeks away, and you'll soon have to haul out your boots with the fur and extra layers.

Along with fall, of course, comes the excitement of Halloween. We may be too old for trick or treating now, but we're not too old to dress up in costumes and go dancing, watch scary movies, bake cookies, and eat mass amounts of candy. Now that we're adults, who's gonna stop us!? 😉

Another great part about the fall season is the totally spooky vibe that takes over everything. When Halloween time hits, people become even more intrigued by the supernatural and have the sudden urge to go ghost hunting. I personally have never tried to get in touch with forces from beyond the grave, but that's because my mom sees spirits, and growing up she would never let me bring that bad juju around the house.

If you and your friends are looking for something new and exciting to do, we've got just the thing for you. The following is a compiled list of some of the most haunted spots that Alberta has to offer. Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, a road trip is never a bad idea. Maybe you'll head to Banff and spot the white Mustang on Lake Minnewanka, or spot the ghost of the Princess Theatre in Edmonton.

Shake things up this season! Hit up your best friends, start researching how to deal with paranormal encounters, and get planning your next haunted road trip ASAP:

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel // Banff

The rumor is that back in 1932, a bride to be tripped down the stairs at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel broke her neck, and died. Hotel patrons have since reported that they've seen the ghost of the bride dancing alone in the dining room, then bursting into flames shortly after. People have also claimed to have seen the ghost of a former hotel employee, continuing to help out around the Fairmont as if he never left.

Regardless if you are lucky enough to see the spirits, one thing's for sure, the Fairmont Springs is a seriously beautiful hotel in one of the most beautiful towns in Alberta, so you won't regret spending a weekend there - haunted or not.

Charles Camsell Hospital // Edmonton

The Charles Camsell Hospital opened in Edmonton in 1945, initially designed as a tuberculosis sanatorium for Inuit and First Nations patients across Canada. It later evolved into a general acute-care hospital in the 1970s and from the sounds of it, it was full of friendly staff. The hospital eventually shut down in 1996, partially due to asbestos contamination.

The hospital is still standing today, and is known for its flickering lights, screams at night, and the legends of a mass Indigenous grave nearby. The hospital regularly has guards posted to keep would-be ghost hunters away, but that doesn't stop people from trying.

The Walterdale Playhouse // Edmonton

The Walterdale Playhouse was built in the 1900s  and was used as a firehall initially. In 1910, one of the original volunteers named Walter died in the building, and it's believed that his spirit continues to haunt it to this day.

The building has since been converted into a theatre, but actors and employees say that strange things happen on an almost weekly basis. There have been accounts of things mysteriously moving, and the inexplicable sound of a bell ringing, likely from the ghost of Walter himself.

Rosedeer Hotel // Wayne

The tiny town of Wayne is not technically classified as a Ghost Town, but we wouldn't be surprised if it becomes one in the future. Back when the coal mine was up and running, the town had a population of almost 2,500. Now, it has a population of under 50, but still attracts plenty of tourists.

It's been said that the Rosedeer Hotel that remains is haunted. In fact, the third floor of the hotel is totally closed off, as that's where the apparent ghost resides. The owner of the hotel says he's never seen the ghost but has definitely felt its presence, and hotel patrons say that they've noticed strange paranormal instances during their stay. Paranormal groups are not allowed to stay at the hotel, but if you're brave enough to spend the night, you may just encounter the ghost.

The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald // Edmonton

Way back in 1914, a horse dropped dead during the concrete pouring for the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald. To this day, guests say that they can hear the sound of galloping hooves in the hallways on the eighth floor. There have also been reports of a man sitting in a chair, smoking a pipe.

If that isn't creepy enough, night managers of the hotel have also taken calls from a room on the sixth floor, only to find it totally empty when they go to further investigate. Despite all this creepiness, the Fairmont Macdonald is undeniably a beautiful hotel, and if you're not easily scared, it could be the perfect place for you to spend a night.

The Princess Theatre // Edmonton

Sure, scary movies may be your thing. But can you handle hanging out with actual ghosts while you watch your movie? The Princess Theatre is said to be haunted by the ghost of a bride who hung herself back in the 1920s when the building originally served as a rooming house.

The ghost of the woman has been seen hovering above the projection room, walking around the center lobby, and making her way up and down the grand staircase. Whether you feel the presence of the ghost or not, we're willing to bet you'll still enjoy whichever film you choose to see.

Lake Minnewanka // Banff

The stunning Lake Minnewanka is more than just a popular tourist destination - rumour has it that it's haunted as well. Visitors claim to have seen the apparition of a white Mustang along the lake's shores.

There's also a legend of a First Nations warrior who wanders the edge of the lake, looking for skulls left over from a massive battle between two tribes that happened long ago in the surrounding area. On your next trip to Banff be sure to stop by and see what ghosts you might uncover!

Ukranian Cultural Heritage Village // Tofield

The Ukranian Cultural Heritage Village is a place that's so often bustling with joy, laughter, and good food, that people often forget it's haunted. Perhaps the most popular ghost is that of a wagon master, who rides through town pulling a wagon seeking workers to join him.

Other strange paranormal instances have included spooky footsteps, light anomalies, disembodies voices, and glimpses of apparitions. On your next visit to the center, be sure to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary!

Concordia University // Edmonton

Ever wanted to get your university education along with a ghost? At Concordia University of Edmonton, you can. If you're lucky enough to reside in the men's dorms, you may just hear the sound of a men's choir singing you to sleep, or door's slamming in seemingly empty rooms.

Those who stay at Concordia have reported a general feeling of anxiety, shadow figures, disembodied voices, and lights flickering, amongst other things. Sounds pretty sketchy, if you ask us!

Deane House // Calgary

The Deane House in Calgary is undeniably beautiful, but it is also, without a doubt, haunted. The house has many rumored spirits, including an elderly man who sits in his room, smoking his pipe and listening to his Victrola, as well as the apparitional figure of a woman who was apparently murdered by her enraged husband.

Traces of tobacco smoke and droplets of blood can be found throughout the house, reminding visitors of the ghosts surrounding them. It's also been said that the spirit of an Aboriginal man roams in the basement from time to time.

Galt Museum & Archives // Lethbridge

Although it's currently a museum, The Galt was once a hospital. Back in 1933, a man lost his life in the elevator while being wheeled to the operating room for a routine appendectomy. Patrons say that the elevator now has a habit of opening randomly when a person walks by.

There have also been accounts of footsteps in a man in slippers, and some people have even reported seeing the man himself. If you're down for an above average day at the museum, be sure to pay a visit to the Galt. You'll get to check out some super cool archives, and if you're really lucky, you may even get a personal experience with a ghost.

Disclaimer: The cover photo in this article was used for illustrative purposes only.

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