Is there anything more peaceful than a leisurely bike ride on a Sunday afternoon? The wind blowing through your hair, the sun shining down on your back, and the slow and steady peddling that almost feels like a form of meditation - it's definitely one of the best parts about summer. 

Although there are tons of bike trails in Alberta that are all worthy of a nice Sunday afternoon bike ride, there is one in particular that tops the rest. 

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Ever heard of the Banff Legacy Trail? It's a paved bike trail that takes you from Banff to Canmore (or Canmore to Banff) in only an hour and ten minutes. This 22km trail is relatively flat - AKA it's totally doable for bikers of all levels!

Banff is one of the most famous mountain towns in Canada. Its adorable main strip is nestled in between some iconic mountains, including Rundle Mountain and Sulphur Mountain. Canmore is basically the less touristy version of Banff, and is just as adorable and scenic.

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It is by far one of the most scenic trails in the province, and it's one of the best ways to see the Rockies. You're surrounded by towering mountains and meandering bright blue rivers throughout the ride, and who knows you might even make some wildlife friends along the way too! 

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If you bike this trail you'll definitely be stopping to take photos every kilometer or so, because it's just so freaking STUNNING. It's the perfect way to get off your couch and experience the gorgeous nature around you, while also getting active!

Once you've reached Canmore you will feel hella accomplished, and the best way to celebrate is definitely with a nice cold beer from Canmore's own craft brewery Grizzly Paw! Planning on staying a while in town? Check out this must-do hike!

If you're heading from Canmore to Banff, the best way to celebrate is with some ice cream from Cows! Doing the bike trail with your bae? Here are some date ideas once you get to Banff that will put you in their good books.

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What are you waiting for? Text your BFF and start planning your Sunday adventure today! For more information on the gorgeous Banff Legacy Trail, click here