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This 3km Boardwalk In Banff Takes You To The Coolest Canyon

If you live in Alberta and you haven't done this boardwalk at least once in your life then you are seriously missing out. Located just outside of the town of Banff, this 3km super easy "hike" will take you to some of the most absolutely stunning views in the entire province. 

It's called Johnston Canyon. Heard of it? While most people only know Alberta for its Lake Louise and Moraine Lake, Johnston Canyon is slightly lesser known yet definitely a must-visit location if you are spending time in the mountains. Need convincing? All you need to do is look at one photo and you will be planning your trip in no time. 

Content disclaimer: We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit a potentially hazardous location, you check for the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. The locations listed below may or may not have changed their regulations in regards to what you can or cannot do on site since the article was last updated. Always consult with local authorities. If you do plan to visit a location, know the risks beforehand and respect the environment.

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Convinced? Yeah, thought so. One of the best parts about this boardwalk is that it's pretty easygoing, so anyone can do it no matter what hiking experience they have! Johnston Canyon is split into two parts - Upper Canyon Falls and Lower Canyon Falls, and it's 1.5km each way (Lower Canyon Falls is personally my favourite).

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If you're feeling especially spunky, once you reach Upper Canyon Falls you can take the extra 3km non-boardwalk hike up to Ink Pots, which will greet you with mineral springs, meadows, and views of the surrounding mountains. 

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One thing to definitely keep in mind when you visit this gorgeous spot is the crowds. Between 10 am and 4 pm is the busiest time to do the boardwalk, so I definitely recommend getting an early start to the day and getting there for around 8:30 am! Nature is always the most beautiful in the morning anyway. 

For directions on how to get there, click here

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