Do you and your S.O. have an anniversary or birthday coming up? Are you looking for the perfect day to treat your bae but aren't the best or most creative planner? 

Fear not, young Romeo or Juliet, we have the answer to your prayers. We have mapped out the date of all dates, a whole day dedicated to exploring the most romantic spots and activities in the city.

Here's the map:

Now, let's get into the details. We've even mapped out the timing for you to make your life even easier and so that you will seem ultra-organized. Alright, let's kick things off with...

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11 AM: Brunch at Ladybug Bakery and Café

This is definitely the perfect way to start off the day. This café has absolutely delicious food and the café's inside aesthetic is almost as pretty as your date (almost).

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1 PM: Explore the Glenbow Museum

After brunch, head on down to the Glenbow Museum and put on your best art snob impression (or just genuinely enjoy some of the amazing art they have on display).

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3:30 PM: Roam around Prince's Island Park

After the museum, make your way down to Prince's Island Park. Roam around the luscious greens and then set up camp with a nice blanket and a book, all the while taking in the gorgeous views of the Calgary cityscape.

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5:30 PM: Dinner and drinks at National on 17th

Since you have probably worked up an appetite by now, grab a spot on the patio at National on 17th. Cool down with a summery beverage and get your grub on with some classic National food.

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7 PM: Dessert at REGRUB

I hope you saved room at dinner, because these aren't your average milkshakes. Grab a decadent his and hers milkshake dessert, or maybe just share one if you're feeling full.

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8 PM: Take a romantic sunset walk in Griffith Woods

As the sun starts to lower on your day of dates, how about a nice romantic walk in the woods? Griffith Woods is bountiful with trails that follow the river that runs through it, and even has some good spots for swimming! Plus there are lots of doggos and puppers in there to swoon over.

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9:30 PM: Catch a late night flick at the movies

What better way to cap off the night than with a nice flick and some movie popcorn? Snuggle up with your partner and pull a corny yawn-arm-over-shoulder move. If you're feeling too tired then just Netflix it up with them at home!