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This Calgary Restaurant Sells Ice Cream Nachos And They're To Die For

It's no secret that the Calgary restaurant scene has some pretty diverse spots. Of course, many of them are super popular and well known, meaning they're always busy and impossible to get a table at!

This spot though, has a seriously insane menu and somehow manages to stay pretty low key!

Burger 320 is where you can find not only these Cow Chip Natchos, but also a ton of other amazing food. The nachos are made up of a layer of waffle chips, vanilla bean soft serve, cow pie cookies, warm chocolate, and whipped cream, and they need to be in your tummy ASAP!

Although it's located in the NE, we'll 100% admit that Burger 320 is always worth the drive; you'll never leave feeling unsatisfied!

If you don't have a sweet tooth, that's okay! Burger 320 definitely caters to those of you who are all about savoury snacks too. As the name of the restaurant implies, they've got an insane burger selection, and three different kinds of fries.

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Burger 320 is open five days a week, from Wednesday until Sunday, until 9 p.m. every night, meaning you have plenty of opportunities to stop in and grab yourself a hearty meal that'll make all your friends jealous!

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