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This Canadian City Just Banned Police Officers From Smoking Weed Both On And Off Duty

Police officers in Alberta are not going to be able to consume any cannabis at all.

There are only 21 days left until cannabis is legalized in Canada and while many Canadians are patiently waiting to buy legal pot, others are being now told that they will not be allowed to consume under any circumstances. 

Police officers working in Calgary, Alberta were told today that they will not be allowed to consume cannabis products at all. Whether the officer is on or off duty, Police are not going to be taking any risks with impairments.

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The CBC reported that the Calgary Police are going to be following an abstinence directive and that the CPS staff were informed of this information on Friday. The decision was reached to err on the side of safety.

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The police are looking to do more research on the effects of smoking cannabis and how that may hinder their job. CPS is interested in how long it actually takes officers to metabolize the drug before sobering up. 

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In the lead up to cannabis legalization tons of rules have been put in place so Canadians remain safe after October 17th.  Numerous worries have come up when it comes to impaired driving or travelling to other countries where the product is still illegal. 

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Calgary Police Superintendent, Darren Leggatt, told CBC that since policing is a dangerous and unpredictable job, the abstinence ban from smoking cannabis is the safest alternative until they fully understand how smoking can affect officers. 

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Because legalization is so new, it won't be surprising if these initial decisions could change over time. Leggat said to the CBC that it will change, "this is new to us, this is new to the profession, this is new to us as an employer as well."

So while Calgary police officers may have to sit on the sidelines while everyone sparks up on October 17th, it doesn't seem like they'll have to miss out on all the fun after all. 

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