This Canadian Family Is Actually Moving Houses After They Received Extremely Racist And Threatening Letters

This Alberta family is moving to a different neighbourhood.
This Canadian Family Is Actually Moving Houses After They Received Extremely Racist And Threatening Letters

An Alberta family has been forced to move out of their home for fear of their safety after they received a threatening, racist letter that was addressed from neighbours. The letter addressed to the family included several hurtful and racist phrases. 

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Katrina Anderson, a wife and mother, said that her family is moving after receiving a discriminatory letter that targeted their Indigenous background, according to CBC News. The mother said that her daughter had found the letter in the mailbox on Monday. The family of five lived in a condo in St. Alberta, Alta.

The anonymous letter targeted the family's Indigenous background with racist statements such as "We don't like your kind around here" and "This isn't a reserve. Go back to the reserve where Indians belong". The letter even went so far to threaten the family and the kids, telling them to "Move out or things will escalate. Would not want to see your kids getting hurt". 

The anonymous letter is believed to be sent from one of their neighbours, and was signed "Your friendly Phase II Neighbours." It also declared that "It is very obvious that you are hated by all of the phase II community". You can view the full letter in the tweet below. 

Sadly, this disgusting piece of hate has been circulated online via a #StAlbert page on a social media platform. I know this is NOT representative of our community. This highlights the need to immediately call out & disavow hate anywhere you find it.

October 17, 2018

The St. Albert RCMP is now investigating the incident. "My daughter, my kids, don't feel safe here," Anderson said. "They don't want to play outside. I've been driving my kids to and from school. They don't feel safe. They don't even feel safe walking to the corner to catch the bus anymore."

The family has decided to move to a different neighbourhood in fear of their children's safety.

Source: CBC News

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