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This Canadian Province Is Running Out Of Marijuana And It's Causing Business Shutdowns, Delays, And Shortages

Alberta is experiencing a marijuana shortage throughout the province.
This Canadian Province Is Running Out Of Marijuana And It's Causing Business Shutdowns, Delays, And Shortages

Weed has only been legalized in Canada for one month, and weed supply has already become a major issue. In Alberta, the province has had to completely halt any new applications to open marijuana retail stores. They've even begun to give refunds to hopeful weed stores owners who applied to open a store all because of marijuana shortages. 

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The Alberta Gaming Liquor and Cannabis Commission is in charge of regulating legal cannabis in the province. They have only gotten 20 percent of the weed they have ordered from producers, the AGLC announced in a news release today. Now, they've responded to the shortage by announcing that they would be temporarily halting applications to open marijuana retail stores and offering refunds to those who have already signed up. 

"AGLC ordered enough product to support up to 250 retail stores in the first six months of legalization; however, as of November 17 we have only received approximately 20 per cent of what we had ordered," read the statement. 

The AGLC said that due to the lack of supply, they have seen most of the weed supply sell out. There are currently 65 licensed, legal pot shops in the province and the shortage will impact the whole province.

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Now to address the shortage, the AGLC is halting any new marijuana stores from opening up in Alberta. "Due to the national shortage, AGLC is temporarily suspending accepting new applications and issuing any additional cannabis retail licences until further notice," read the news release. Even the province's online cannabis store has seen products sell out, according to The Toronto Star.

The AGLC also talked about the shortage not only being a provincial, but a national issue. "For the first few weeks, AGLC has taken steps to secure additional product, contacting all producers with federal licences to sell cannabis, but with no success due to the national shortage", they said in their news release. 

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