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This Canadian Province Made The Most Money From Weed On Legalization Day And It's Not Who We Expected

Many provinces made hundreds of thousands of dollars in weed on October 17th.
This Canadian Province Made The Most Money From Weed On Legalization Day And It's Not Who We Expected

October 17th marked the first day of weed legalization in Canada. Legal cannabis stores opened up all across the country, and people have been lining up to get their share of legal marijuana. 

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However, some provinces had more keeners than others. The results of provinces that, as of now, are reported to have made the most revenue yesterday are in.

Weed's been legal in Alberta for about 20 minutes, and there's already quite the lineup on the government's online cannabis store...

October 17, 2018

Based on the current information available and reported, according to CTV NewsAlberta experienced the biggest sales in marijuana on October 17th. Just online alone, the government's online store in Alberta experienced 8,300 orders and $730,000 of sales as of 3:30 PM on October 17th, which means that number was bound to be higher by the end of the day. 

Plus, this number doesn't even account for the revenues from the 20 private stores that are across the province. So the total amount of money earned on legalization day is sure to be much higher than $730,000. Alberta has many more legal cannabis retail shops than several other provinces. In contrast, British Columbia and Ontario only have one legal shop to buy weed in each province. 

12 minutes in to legal weed in Canada, and Alberta’s already crashed our official store.

October 17, 2018

Alberta is known to be more liberal with their weed rules, but ironically, its largest city is not. Smoking weed in public places is banned in Calgary and smoking must be kept to private residences. 

Quebec also had a colossal number of weed orders and could be a frontrunner for most weed sales on legalization day, but the exact revenue figures have yet to be announced, according to CTV News. The SQC in Quebec reported that there were 12,500 transactions at the retail shops just in the first 15 hours of legalization and 30,000 transactions online. There are legal weed retail shops in the province. 

Nova Scotia wasn't too far behind Alberta either in revenue from pot sales. The government liquor monopoly Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation reported that in total they earned $660,000 in revenue, including $47,000 of online sales.

Source:CTV News

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