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This Is Probably The Most Comfortable Mattress Ever And It’s Canadian

It's as easy as 1,2,3.
This Is Probably The Most Comfortable Mattress Ever And It’s Canadian

Face it, at this point in your life, most of your belongings can fit in a car. Your furniture can be disassembled, clothes can be folded into perfect Japanese rolls (or not) and everything else can go in a box – except your mattress. Mattresses are the biggest, ugliest and clumsiest suckers to relocate.

Whether you’re moving across the city, you know that there is no glamour in moving a wobbly mattress anywhere. But thanks to the disruptive all-Canadian mattress company Poly Sleep, the embarrassing “all hands on deck” mattress shuffle has come to an end, and it’s affordable - now that’s innovation!

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Poly Sleep makes ridiculously comfortable foam mattresses that come in a box. I repeat: they come in a box that one normal person can carry and fit inside their front door. They're like the AmazonPrime of home furniture: order it and it shows up at your door in 3-5 days. In other words, you can cancel your U-HAUL reservation and stop wondering what friends will cancel their weekend plans to help you haul that monster up the stairs.

There’s nothing worse than getting a bad sleep (Yes, unfortunately, there are some things coffee can’t fix). So if you’re putting in the effort to get your zzz's, your mattress better have your back. Poly Sleep mattresses are wickedly well designed with a mesh mattress cover while the top is made soft of a hybrid foam which is a mix between gel and memory foam so you can smash your face in without overheating, and side panels that keep the mattress from slumping underneath you if you sit on the edge (which most regular foam mattresses do). They have the right bounce, the right temperature, and the right price.

via @poly_sleep

Oh, and did we mention Poly Sleep's mattresses are spill-proof? The creators of Poly Sleep mattresses just get it, so they designed a liquid-proof topper to the mattress so you can drink coffee, tea, cocktails from the comfort and glamour of your bed. Because at this point, whose bed doesn’t double as a dining room, home office and movie theater? (Not mine).

Poly Sleep mattresses come with all the long-term benefits you want in a mattress: a 10-year warranty, high standard materials, and a 100-day trial period. If you don’t love it, they’ll take it back without asking why. Plus, they are 100% made and designed in Montreal so you can feel warm and fuzzy about supporting a Canadian company.

via @poly_sleep

Stop hauling around your hand-me-down sleeper and try one of Poly Sleep’s dreamy mattresses. (Psst. you can sleep on it 100 times before deciding for good!).

Check out their Poly Sleep website for more information on how you can get your hands on one of these bad boys and check them out on FB and IG too. Your future morning self will thank you.

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