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This Epic 1 Km Trail Takes You To A Magical Waterfall In The Forest In Alberta

We get it, Alberta. You’re stunning. Whatever. I mean, with its mountain-filled tourist destination of Banff and the beautiful buildings scattered across Calgary, Alberta is a total and complete Canadian stud (sorry, Trudeau).

While this Western province is commonly on display for postcards advertising our country's tourism, there might be one destination that you’re not exactly aware of. Nestled in Jasper National Park, within the Canadian Rockies, the beauty and charm of Athabasca Falls is one that you need to add to your bucket list this spring.

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Located just a little west of the Icefields Parkway, this 23-metre waterfall is a year-round attraction that you have to explore. It’s one of the most powerful falls within the mountain’s national parks, with five waterfalls forming from the Athabasca River to create a stunning, turquoise blue valley.

The hike from the parking lot to the waterfall is about 1-kilometre and has displays of how the canyon was formed and scientific facts behind it’s watercolour. While there is a designated trail that wraps around the area, the main spotlight is pretty much on any safe piece of land that you can use as a viewing platform.

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For more information on Athabasca Falls and more of Jasper National Park's attractions, check out this official government park website!

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