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This Insane Climbing Centre In Calgary Needs To Be On Your Summer Bucket List

Did you love rock climbing as a kid? Do you love real-life rock climbing now? Do you love adventure and are always looking for new and fun ways to get active? May I present to you, the most epic climbing centre you've ever seen. Oh, and good news, it's right here in Calgary.

Via Calgary Climbing Centre

Via Calgary Climbing Centre

The place is absolutely massive, and is totally brand new. It has walls that are up to 65 feet high, a bouldering area, a dedicated speed wall, and an insane climbpark (pictured above) that has some seriously unique - and very colourful - climbing areas. They even have an outdoor climbing wall! 

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Climbing is a serious workout that's also SO fun. Spend a day here with your friends and you're guranteed to have one heck of a time (and, fair warning, you will probably be sore the next day). It's the perfect way to spend a rainy day this summer while still getting out and about and getting active! 

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The brand new Calgary Climbing Centre is located at 10721 West Valley Rd SW, and is open from 10am-11pm during the week, and 9am-10pm on weekends. They also have other locations around the city that you can check out too!

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