Just because Summer's almost over doesn't mean you can't get in one last road trip. Early fall might even be the ideal time to pack up your car and hit the road; it's not too hot, the leaves are changing colour, and you get to briefly forget about the stress that comes along with the impending school year.

If you're tired of road tripping within Alberta, or even Canada for that matter, why not head down to Seattle for a few days? It may take a little while longer than flying, but it gives you the opportunity to make some super cool stops along the way.

We've designed the perfect road trip mapthat'll take you through the Canadian Rockies and beautiful British Columbia on the way there, and to the Pacific Northwest's largest theme park on the way back. Pack your bags, and hit the road, Jack! 

1. Belmont Diner // 2008 33 Ave SW, Calgary

What's a road trip without a greasy breakfast to get you started? Hit up one of Calgary's best, Belmont Diner. The restaurant has super cute, vintage vibes, and the perfect breakfast menu to fuel you for the long trip ahead.

2. Banff Upper Hot Springs // 1 Mountain Ave, Banff

If you have the time, why not spend a night in the rocky mountains? For just $7, you can soak in the hot springs and sight see in one of Alberta's most beautiful spots, before you make your way South.

3. Glacier National Park of Canada // British Columbia

Every travel website you look at will recommend that you stop off at Glacier National Park on your way to Seattle. Even if you don't plan on hiking, you should still stop and snap a few pictures of the amazing scenery, or breathe in the fresh, mountain air.

4. Shuswap Lake // British Columbia

Got time for a quick boat ride? Shuswap Lake is a super popular tourist destination, so it's obviously a must-visit during your trip.

5. CF Pacific Centre // 701 West Georgia Street, Vancouver

As if you need an excuse to go shopping. Stopping in Vancouver will add about two hours on to your travel time, but we highly recommend you do it, especially if you've never been. Besides just hitting up Pacific Centre, be sure to enjoy some great local eats and activities you can find on Narcity Vancouver.

6. Space Needle // 400 Broad Street, Seattle

One spot you HAVE to visit while in Seattle is the infamous Space Needle. 605 feet above ground, take in everything that makes Seattle the incredible city that it is. While you're here you should also devour as much food as you can, spend lots of money on an all new wardrobe, and take in the culture the city has to offer.

7. Silverwood Theme Park // 27843 US-95, Athol, Idaho

Once you're done in Seattle, make one last stop in the States before heading back home. Silverwood is the perfect place to waste away a day, no matter how old you are. With both a water park, and a theme park, you're sure to find something to enjoy.

8. Fairmont Hot Springs // 5225 Fairmont Resort Road, British Columbia

After all that time in the car, you're gonna need a vacation from your vacation. Take a quick pit stop at the Fairmont Hot Springs, and relax before the last leg of your journey.

9. UNA Pizza + Wine // 618 17 Ave SW, Calgary

So you've made it back to YYC. Does that mean you're ready to start cooking again? No way in hell. Head downtown to UNA and grab some pizza before you're forced back into the impending reality and responsibilities awaiting you.