Why do people hike? Surely not for the hours of uphill trekking, or the risk of running into a grizzly. Definitely not for the sunburns and definitely not for the near-death experiences. There's one huge reason why people hike, and it can be described in one picture:

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People hike for the spectacularly rewarding view from the summit of the mountain. There's one hike in particular that gives it's hikers an especially rewarding view - partly because they worked so hard to get there, and partly because it's jaw-droppingly gorgeous. 

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Welcome to East End Of Rundle hike. It's located right in Canmore, and it might just be Alberta's most beautiful hike. It has absolutely stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the town of Canmore itself.

No matter what time of day you visit, the views from the top are bound to be photo-worthy. Whether you go for a sunrise hike (well done for getting up that early), a mid-day hike, or a sunset hike, it's a different experience every time. It's actually quite a popular spot for astrophotographers as well!

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Ok so you've fallen in love with the view and now you're thinking to yourself - could I actually do this hike? Let me give you the low-down. 

This hike is rated as moderately challenging, which means it's definitely not a hike to try out on your first summit. You should definitely work your way up, doing some beginner and moderate hikes beforehand. It's a 6km trail, with an elevation gain of 907m. It will take you between 5-6 hours to complete, going at a normal pace.

If you are totally down to attempt this beauty, make sure you've got the right equipment! Hiking shoes are a must, and be prepared for colder temperatures at the top. Bring lots and lots of water to stay hydrated, and make sure you have bear spray at the ready (and know how to use it)!

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Happy hiking, friends!