Calgary has been having some A+ weather this month. Long sunny summer days that are so hot you feel like you're on vacation in the Carribean - it's seriously been amazing. It will be snowing in a couple of months, so why not get outside and enjoy this amazing weather while it lasts? 

One of the best ways to soak up the sun while staying cool at the same time is grabbing a nice cold drink on a patio. It's the perfect way to socialize with friends and, more importantly, it gives you the perfect excuse to order some hot wings. If you love a good patio, you need to make all of these patios part of your summer bucket list. 

Here's the map:

1. 1410 World Bier Haus

Where: 1410 17 Ave SW

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This rooftop patio on 17th makes for the perfect people-watching perch. 1410 World Bier Haus is an upbeat sports bar that is the perfect atmosphere to watch the world cup and have some great food.

2. The Ship & Anchor

Where: 534 17 Ave SW

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This laid-back pub has great vibes, and is the perfect spot to go for casual drinks with friends and still be able to hear what they're saying. Their large patio is always full, so make sure you get there at a good time to snag a spot!

3. Cactus Club Cafe

Where: 317 7 Ave SW #178

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This classy little joint is a great spot to go out for a dinner date if you want an excuse to get semi-dressed up. Its enclosed patio is absolutely gorgeous, and is very romantic too!

4. National Beerhall

Where: 240 8th Ave SW #360

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This giant rooftop patio is a popular pre-stampede spot, and also just a popular spot in general. When has National ever not been good? This is a great spot to go with a large group of friends, but you're bound to run into someone from your high school here.

5. The Guild

Where: 200 8 Ave SW

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The Guild is the perfect post-work patio spot to unwind with co-workers or friends. Right on 8th Ave, it's a great spot for people watching and getting some outfit inspo!

6. River Cafe

Where: 25 Prince's Island

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Looking for a patio that gives you more nature vibes than city vibes? River Cafe is definitely the place to go. Located in Prince's Island Park, this upscale restaurant is absolutely stunning, and their food is as beautiful as it is delicious!

7. Julio's Barrio

Where: 1110 Memorial Dr NW

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Looking to get lit? Why not enjoy a margarita or signature bulldog drink from Julio's Barrio. The best part is, you can have tons of tacos while you're there too! It's the perfect patio for a little siesta!

8. Container Bar

Where: 1131 Kensington Rd NW

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This quirky little patio is absolutely adorable and is such a great hole-in-the-wall spot to grab drinks and food with friends. Located in the hip neighborhood of Kensington, you can make an afternoon of it and shop around the other cool spots!

9. Original Joe's Restaurant & Bar

Where: 1220 Kensington Rd NW

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The food at Original Joe's is top notch, and so are the drinks (the Caesars in particular). It's a casual atmosphere where you can either get a little dressed up or go in the same shirt you wore yesterday and you will still feel welcomed.

10. Cannibale Barbershop & Cocktails

Where: 813 1 Ave NE

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Have a haircut at 4 and are meeting for drinks with friends at 5? Why not go to this BARbershop and knock out both at once? Their starlit patio is cozy and cool, and is a super hip place to meet with friends.