When it comes to finding a signature drink, there are definitely a lot of tough decisions to be made. Usually, you want something easy to order, and hard for bartenders to mess up so that you're never disappointed. You also want something that's pretty popular so that you're not forced to find a new favourite drink on the spot!

After a lot of taste testing, I've come to develop a deep love for peach bellinis; one of my friends even has my name saved in her phone as "Bellini Queenie". Of course, this isn't the kind of drink you can get at the club, but it is served at most restaurants, and pairs nicely with a ton of different foods!

I've lived in Calgary for a while now, and I've been sampling bellinis for even longer, so I think it's safe to say I've found some of the best that the city has to offer. I know a lot of people love bellinis as much as I do, so I've taken the time to create a map that will take you on the perfect bellini crawl around YYC!

We obviously recommend you don't do this all in one day, but maybe pick a few spots that stand out to you, and get ready to have a seriously peachy day: 

Destination 1: The Old Spaghetti Factory

Where: #108 472 36 Street NE

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If you're looking to start your bellini crawl off right with a classic, The Old Spaghetti factory has just that! Not too sweet and not too strong, it's the perfect combination of peachy flavour for you to enjoy.

Destination 2: JOEY Barlow

Where: 3026 23 Street NE

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JOEY never disappoints when it comes to food, so it's really no surprise that their bellinis are top of the line as well! They're a bit more watery than slushy, but some people prefer that texture, and they're still just as delicious! You'll definitely be ordering seconds.

Destination 3: Milestones

Where: 107 8 Ave SE

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Whenever I find myself out for a bite at Milestones, I'm always sure to order a bellini. I find they're the perfect mix of sweet and strong, and they always come served with the cutest little plastic animal on top! You'll definitely want to stop by on Tuesday's for $4.50 regular sized bellinis, or $6.50 bellini bowls!

Destination 4: Cactus Club Cafe

Where: #178 317 7 Ave SW

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Cactus Club seems to be a popular choice for girls night, or date night, and we can definitely see why! The atmosphere is casual, but still gives you an excuse to get dressed up, and their menu is seriously amazing (especially the bellinis). Visit on Sunday for $5 bellinis all day long!

Destination 5: Moxie's Bar & Grill

Where: 888 7 Ave SW

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If you're looking for a bellini on a bargain, you'll want to hit up Moxie's! They've got bellini's on special seven days a week for just $5.50, and they're pretty tasty if I do say so myself! You can get them regular sized, or Moxie sized for just a few dollars extra (but let's be real, who isn't gonna Moxie-size?).

Destination 7: Brown's Socialhouse

Where: #140 880 16 Ave SW

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This is my personal favourite bellini on the list, and I'm willing to bet good money it will quickly become yours too! Brown's always tops their bellini with the cutest little fuzzy peach, and the mixture is perfectly sweet!

Destination 8: Earl's Kitchen + Bar

Where: 2401 4 Street SW

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And now last, but definitely not least is Earl's! Finish your bellini crawl by sipping on a delicious, peachy drink outside on the patio in the summer sunshine! They've got bellinis on special every Thursday for just $5, so text your friends ASAP to make plans!