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This Map Will Take You To All The Best Burger Joints In Calgary

WARNING: This article contains some serious food porn.

Nothing screams summer more than grilling up a few burgers on the BBQ and sipping on a cold bubbly beverage. What's even better than grilling up a good burg yourself? Going to get one from a restaurant that knows how to serve up epic eats. 

Calgary has a sizzling restaurant scene, and it would not be complete without the delectable burger joints on this burger crawl we've developed. See if you can knock out all 10 before the end of summer - trust me, after looking at these photos, you'll be dying to start TODAY. 

Here's the map:

Destination 1: Dragon's Lair Burger

Where: Westbrook Mall, 1200 37 St SW

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If you're shopping around Westbrook, this is the perfect pitstop to fuel you up for the rest of your mall crawl. They even serve up burgers with hickory sticks in them, which will practically change your life.

Destination 2: Boogie's Burgers

Where: 2129 33 Ave SW

@karlodavidsenembedded via

This popular retro diner is known to SELL OUT of their burgers some days because they're just so freaking good and everyone knows it. They also have some creative and delicious milkshakes to accompany your tasty burg.

Destination 3: Clive Burger

Where: 736 17 Ave SW

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You can't construct a Calgary burger map without including the iconic Clive Burger. Don't forget to try their infamous clive sauce which takes any burger to the next level and will have you asking them for the recipe.

Destination 4: Cleaver

Where: 524 17 Ave SW #102

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If you are more of a slider person, or maybe you would rather try a bunch of different burgers than one huge one, Cleaver is the place to be. Their sliders are $3.50 from Sunday to Thursday until 7 pm and after 9 pm. Yes PLEASE.

Destination 5: REGRUB Burger Bar

Where: 625 11 Ave SW

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Although this classic Calgary spot is most well known for their epically delicious milkshakes, they're actually an amazing burger spot too. I mean, after all, their name is BURGER just backwards...

Destination 6: The Street Eatery

Where: 890 4 Ave SW

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This is another restaurant that serves up over-the-top milkshakes, but just look at this photo and you'll see why they're on this burger list. This may sound a little weird... but like... their buns are AMAZING.

Destination 7: Flipp'n Burgers

Where: 330 10 St NW

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This burger joint offers super customizable burgers. Tip: every burger is 10x better when doused in their Flipp'n sauce. It will be up to you to decide which is better, the Flipp'n Sauce or Clive Sauce...

Destination 7: Peter's Drive In

Where: 219 16 Ave NE

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You aren't a true Calgarian if you haven't mucked some greasy grub and a milkshake at Peter's. This is a definite MUST on the burger map. Be sure to order some onion rings on the side, too!

Destination 8: Burger 320

Where: 814 1 Ave NE

@shamilafazalembedded via

Do yourself a favour and just look at that cheese pull. Anyways. These branded burgers will not only have your taste buds thanking you, but also your IG. Oh, and this is yet another burger place that serves up EPIC milkshakes.

Destination 10: ONE18 Empire

Where: 820 Centre St S

@one18empireembedded via

This whiskey inspired restaurant is the perfect place to go with the broskis. Their burgers are A+ quality, and their cocktails are even more impressive. Definitely a cool new place to try out!