Summer is officially here, which means beaches, sunglasses, and patio weather. Not a huge fan of cracking open a cold one with the boys? Maybe switch things up and go for a nice pitcher of sangria next time you find yourself thirsty.

We've gathered up all of the best spots in Calgary for sangria so that by the end of the crawl your bloodstream will be 2% more Spanish than it was when you started. But remember folks - don't drink and drive!

Alright let's get things started:

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1. Broken Plate Willow Park 

Where: 590 - 10816 MacLeod Trail SE

This gigantic jug is the perfect way to start things off, and is the perfect size to share with a few friends! Broken Plate is actually a Greek restaurant that serves up seriously tasty food, plus they have happy hour from 3-6 pm.

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2. Tango Bistro 

Where: 6920 Macleod Trail S

You can get sangria from this fancy bistro by either the glass or the pitcher. Decisions decisions decisions. But seriously, how good does it look? So rich in colour and filled to the brim - that's my kinda drink!

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3. Earl's Kitchen + Bar 

Where: 2401 4 St SW

This popular restaurant not only has excellent food, but they also have multiple locations so you can choose the one closest to you! Depending on the location they also have great patios to enjoy your drink on.

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4. Ox Bar de Tapas 

Where: 528 17 Ave SW

This bright eatery offers Spanish plates and excellent sangria, making it the perfect place to go if you really want to have the full experience. My recommendation: try the "Spanish Table" to get a little taste of everything.

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5. Barcelona Tavern 

Where: 501 8 Ave SW

The sangria here will transport you straight to Barcelona. Additionally, their patio is perfect for people watching as you sip, since it's right on 8th Ave. Like the restaurant above, this eatery also offers Spanish tapas.

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6. Los Chilitos Taco & Tequila House 

Where: 1309 17 Ave SW

What compliments a glass of cold sangria better than some tacos? The answer is nothing. Well, I mean, tacos make literally everything better so... Anyways, their fun and funky patio is super fun and unique, and perfect for IG!

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7. Julio's Barrio 

Where: 1110 Memorial Dr NW

This Calgary staple restaurant offers "Sinful Sunday" where sangria is only 6$ per glass. AKA, plan your sangria crawl on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Grab some tasty Mexican eats here while you're at it.

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8. JOEY Barlow 

Where: Barlow Trail Southeast, 3026 23 St NE

This restaurant prides themselves in travelling the word to find all of the best flavours, and then incorporating them into their signature dishes and drinks. That includes the sangria!

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9. Cactus Club Cafe 

Where: 2612 39 Ave NE

Getting a whole jug of sangria brought to the table? Now that's the kind of restaurant I can get behind. This spot is the perfect way to end off your day, because you can have as much as your little heart (liver) desires!