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This Map Will Take You To All The Best Taco Spots In Calgary

If you're a fellow taco lover, you need to see this.
This Map Will Take You To All The Best Taco Spots In Calgary

Are you a total fiend for tacos? Are you tired of ordering Taco Bell and then feeling like absolute crap an hour after eating? Well, amigos, do we ever have the list of dreams for you! From classic Mexican style to modern and unique takes on the taco, we've found 8 Calgary taco stops you need to visit. We will be extra impressed if you can do them all in one day, like a sort of taco road trip. 

Whether you like it spicy or you're more on the tame side, these places are bound to have whatever you're craving. So grab the crew, get in the car, and pass the guac because we're about to get down and dirty with some Mexican grub. 

Here's the taco map:

Destination 1: Tres Marias 

Where: 3514 19 St SW

This spot is not only a great place to grab a meal, it's also a market where you can buy fresh authentic ingredients to make some meals at home too. From tacos to tostadas, they serve up some delectable eats that will keep you coming back for more, even when it isn't #tacotuesday. 

Destination 2: Tubby Dog

Where: 1022 17 Ave SW

Although this place is known for their over-the-top hot dogs, every Tuesday at 6 pm they start serving up "Tubby Tacos" which are to DIE for. They sell out every single Tuesday, so make sure you get there in good time if you want to indulge in some Mexican eats. 

Destination 3: Añejo 

Where: 2116 4 St SW

This place is all about authentic Mexican food and drink. Their tacos are top notch, as is their tequila which washes them down quite nicely. Plus, they have a patio which is perfect for sunny summer days where you wish you were actually in Mexico.

Destination 4: Anju

Where: 344 17 Ave SW

Although this place is known for their Korean tapas, they have amazing Spicy Pork Shoulder Tacos which they serve on their lunch menu. Although this place isn't traditionally Mexican, their Korean twist on the classic dish is a must-have. 

Destination 5: Native Tongues Taqueria

Where: 235 12 Ave SW

This place has "taqueria" in the name, so you know it has to be good. Their modern menu is rooted in the traditional street food of Mexico, and they pride themselves in giving their guests an authentic Mexican experience. They have lots of different taco options, so there is definitely something for everyone.

Destination 6: Spicy Amigos

Where: 821 4 Ave SW

This place brings its customers the best flavours of Mexico. They also have vegetarian options which is super awesome. Their tacos are fully loaded and are definitely enough to fill you up, which is slightly difficult because you'll want to try every flavour they have!

Destination 7: Shiki Menya

Where: 827 1 Ave NE

Although Shiki Menya is traditionally known for their ramen bowls that are works of art, they also serve up three kinds of tacos that are just as delectable (including a veggie kimchi option). The vibe in the restaurant itself is amazing too - totally hipster and modern. 

Destination 8: Taqueria El Charrito

Where: 808 Edmonton Trail NE

This taqueria is the final destination on our taco adventure, and we saved one of the best for last. This place has loads of taco options, and as they are run by a sister-brother duo from Mexico, they are totally authentic. They also double wrap their shells to mitigate the usual drippy taco situation. 

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