Alright folks, stop everything you're doing because Calgary finally has bullet train sushi. Wondering what the heck that even is? Well, basically it means that your sushi is delivered on a bullet train, modelled after the IRL Shinkansen bullet train in Japan. 

This is a super cool novelty idea that is starting to pop up in cities all over the world because of how cool it is. It's futuristic af, and will make you feel like you've teleported to Japan! It makes going for sushi even more fun and exciting than you thought possible, and it's just as much an experience as it is a meal!

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Another huge selling point for bullet train sushi is that it minimizes contact with strangers. AKA, if you're not in the mood to deal with people, you can come here, sit at your table, and not have to interact with ANYONE. You place your order through an iPad, and then your sushi just appears on the bullet train at your table! 

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This sushi spot is BRAND NEW, and it's called Point Sushi. They are located at 116 2 Ave SW, and are open daily from 11 am - 11 pm. If you're a sushi fiend like I am, you absolutely HAVE to try out this cool place. Your IG and Snapchat followers will be super intrigued too!