. . . okay, but have you seen the views from Dundas Peak? Ha. Just kidding. There’s not much that can beat the views from the Highline Trail, a popular along-the-mountain loop that you can hike in Glacier National Park.

About a three hour drive from Calgary, this stunning path is one that Canadians need to add to their bucket list. I mean, I cross the border almost every month just for some decent clothing sales in Buffalo, so I’m sure the cross-country journey to this trail is a lot more worth it (sorry Burlington Coat Factory).

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An extension of the park’s Logan Pass, the trail is approximately 18.9 km long and can get up to as high as 7,280 feet. While the entire hike doesn’t feature the infamous walk along the mountainside, there is a portion of the segment that does. This may either freak you out or excite you, since you have the potential to walk along a path that is only six to eight feet in width.

If you have a fear of heights, then this trail may not be for you - but the beauty of the scenic route could possibly be worth it if you can breathe through some hesitation. As long as you listen to your common sense then the trail is relatively safe!

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For more info, check out National Glacier Park’s official website!

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