Canada is blessed with an incredibly varied landscape. One one end of the country there are towering mountains and ancient rainforests, while on the other end there are surreal deserts and badlands. Fans of natural wonders will definitely appreciate the endless beauty that Canada has to offer.

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One of the country's most incredible spots is Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta. It is a subtropical paradise characterized by rolling badlands and prehistoric features, with a resemblance to America's iconic Grand Canyon. It serves as a prime location for dinosaur dig sites and paleontological research, since it contains the highest concentration of Cretaceous fossils in the world. 

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Scattered across the badlands are a variety of museums where visitors can book guided tours. They'll be taken on a journey through the park by way of its scenic trails and winding roads.

Along the way, they'll learn more about the history of the badlands, from their creation to the cultural influences of the indigenous peoples to the area. The park is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, so it's bound to have some really unique sights.

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But there's more to Dinosaur Provincial Park than just the badlands - geocaching, birding, camping, canoeing, kayaking and wildlife viewing are all available opportunities in the area, making it well worth the trip for outdoor adventurers.

It is also only a 2.5-hour drive southeast of Calgary, making it the perfect road trip destination for locals.

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