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This Unique Calgary Restaurant Makes You Eat In TOTAL Darkness

You know that scene in Ratatouille where Remy makes his brother try different foods with his eyes closed in order to truly ~experience~ his food? Well, this restaurant gives the opportunity to do just that. Dark Table specializes in serving up culinary adventures that will allow your sense of smell, taste, and touch guide you. Get ready for a seriously unique dining experience. 

What's even better is that Dark Table is a proud employer of the visually impaired. These servers will help you navigate your way through your four-course meal, giving you insight as to how life would be like without relying on your vision. Dining here is an excellent way to support the visually impaired, and also have a very unique dining experience that will help you truly appreciate the taste and aroma of your food. 

Now I wish I could show you some pics of the amazing food served, but, uh...

... The lighting isn't the best for photos. So anyways, here are some people getting blindfolded up and ready for some good eats:

The restaurant is located at 731 6th Ave. SW. So grab your friends and check out their website to make your reservation today!

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