It's a known fact that despite everything, Canada loves their coffee and in particular, loves Tim Hortons. It's basically in any Canadian's DNA to crave a double-double coffee and a maple dip. 

Still, there is trouble in paradise for some Tim Hortons lovers across Canada. A Tim Hortons franchise owner from Lethbridge, Alberta has been completely locked out of his four coffee locations after allegedly leaking insider information to the media. 

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The National Post first broke the news that David Hughes was locked out of his four Alberta coffee shops after receiving a phone call from the parent company on Sunday. He rushed from his house to the nearest location only to find that security had locked him out. 

The four locations have been confirmed still operational today but Tim Hortons has claimed that Hughes' leaked sensitive information to the media as an anonymous source, therefore they're taking back their coffee shops. 

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Hughes told the National Post that four to eight years were still remaining on the original franchise agreement for each of the four locations he owned. He also denies any allegations that he leaked information to the media. 

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The allegations come after a letter was sent to the Canadian Press last week about how the companies coffee pots were shattering and injuring employees. The company now thinks that Hughes is behind the letter. 

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A Tim Hortons' spokeswoman told the National Post in a statement via email that "Tim Horton's franchisee agreement clearly states it is not allowable for any restaurant owner to share confidential company information with the media; disparage the company or the Tim Hortons brand in the media or with community partners and vendors; or ultimately harm the Tim Hortons brand in any way."

Because of these rules in the agreement Hughes contract with the company has been terminated but the franchise owner claims this is the first time he spoke to a journalist since 2017. 

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Now, Hughes' role as president of the Great White North Franchisee Association is at risk due to owning zero stores. But that is only inspiring him to fight the lockout even harder. 

Hughes is currently consulting the legal team of the association to figure out his next steps to fight this removal from his four Tim Horton's locations. 

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