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Trump Accidentally Promoted A Calgary Sock Company & Their Sales Are Skyrocketing

Trump's slip of the tongue made a Calgary business go viral.
Trump "Sock Rocket" Mistake Promoted A Calgary Sock Company & Their Sales Are Skyrocketing

On the night of Tuesday, November 26, Donald Trump took the podium at a rally in Boa Raton, Florida. When he tried to exuberantly announce that the U.S. has set a stock market record, what he said instead was, “You know we just set another sock rocket, you saw that right?” Leaving the entire world to wonder what in the world he was talking about. After it started going viral on Twitter, Trump’s “sock rocket” slip of the tongue led to unexpected success for a Calgary sock retailer called Sock Rocket.

Immediately after Trump's confusing blunder, #sockrocket started trending on Twitter because, you know, it’s the internet. People made guesses about what the phrase meant and about Trump’s health, whether if the mistake was an indication of illness.

All the while, a Calgary sock business watched the chaos unfold with glee. Sock Rocket is a three-year-old company that sells unique, colourful, funny socks.

“We design and produce the coolest socks you've ever seen, and we sell them online individually and as subscriptions,” explains their website.

On top of selling super cool socks, they give back by donating three pairs of socks for every single pair purchased. They donate the socks to people in need. Not a bad business to accidentally promote.

When the small family business noticed the name of their company was trending online, they decided to get in on the action.

"Thanks for the free advertising! #sockrocket" they posted in a Twitter thread. They also retweeted a post asking what exactly "sock rocket" is with the following:

"We’ve been getting a lot of questions like this, and we don’t blame you for asking. #SockRocket is a Canadian social enterprise. We design and sell awesome socks, and we donate three pairs for every pair we sell. We are not affiliated with #theDonald."

Tommy Zizian, who runs Sock Rocket with his brother and his wife, told Market Watch that the company's sales and social media following went up significantly overnight after the little mishap.

He explained that the company is used to selling about five or six pairs of socks daily. Though, between 4 a.m. and 11 a.m. on Wednesday morning, they sold 40 pairs of socks.

Moving right into Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Sock Rocket is promoting a 15% off discount on a 12-month sock subscription.

Zizian told Market Watch that if they can sell 100 pairs of socks, that’s 300 pairs on the feet of people who wouldn’t otherwise have them. As winter sets in, Albertans can confirm that a good pair of socks is of the utmost importance. 

Stay warm out there, Calgary, and enjoy those sweet, sweet Black Friday deals.

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