Many Albertans have had to wait more than 6 weeks, or even travel to other parts of the province, just to book a road test ever since Alberta's driver test booking system become under government control.

Earlier this year on March 1, the NDP government made Alberta’s driver test booking system under government control. Previously, for over 25 years, the test had operated under a private model, where residents could book a test with a registry and they would call an examiner for you, Global News reports. 

The United Conservative government is now looking at returning back to the former privatized model. The new model has resulted in long wait times and availability problems for many Albertans looking to book a drivers test.

The road test change even affected many business owners. “For myself, my business is gone,” Pete Llewellyn, with Certified Driver Examination Association, told Global News. “The whole business model that I worked at for 25 years, the government took away even though I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Residents also had posted complaints on social media about the long wait times encountered when trying to book a road test. 

“Unfortunately, we are going to have to do it in two steps because we can’t possibly put a new system in place now and make a really bad situation worse,” Alberta Transportation Minister Ric McIver told Global News. 

Examiners who were part of the old private system are now hoping to have some input into what the system will look like. “We would like to meet with the minister, we would like to share our ideas and move forward,” Llewellyn said. “It’s hard to work on a new model when you don’t include the people that it affects, and that’s examiners.”

The United Conservative Government is still working out the details of what it will look like should they privatize the system again.