Geography can be tough. Thankfully, in this day in age, we have access to an entire wealth of information right on our smartphones. However, it still doesn't mean that information is always presented accurately. A US news channel misplaced Banff National Park on a map and it was shown as being not remotely close to where it actually is. Although an honest mistake, the Internet is having no empathy and the roast fest has officially begun. 

Twitter user Don Kollins recently posted a video of an anchor from KTVU in California’s Bay Area reporting on a recent tragedy and it has led to The Fox-owned outlet going viral for the incident.

According to the clip posted on Twitter, the news anchors were discussing the recent tragic deaths of three climbers who were killed by an avalanche in Banff National Park. To help the viewers at home better understand where the incident took place, the newscast showed where Banff was on a map. Unfortunately, it went completely wrong. 

The map that aired on TV shows Banff National Park as being in Ottawa. Since the video that was posted on Twitter, it has gone viral with over 1,170 likes and 385 retweets. There are also nearly 200 comments full of roasts and they’re actually hilarious. 

Most people are contemplating how this could have ever happened on live TV. Others are joking about how Banff moved to the other side of Canada without telling anyone. 

Others are hitting back with their own versions of maps and the results are everything we didn’t know we needed. 

The sarcasm is palpable and we needed to share some of the best tweets with you.

Just to clarify, Banff National Park is located in the Rockie Mountains of Alberta. Canada is confusing and diverse, and we can't blame others for geography mistakes from time to time – but we can poke fun at it. 

Narcity has reached out to KTVU for a comment and we will update this story when we receive a response.