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The Calgary Tower Is Still Sitting Closed & No One Knows When It Will Reopen

The Calgary Tower still remains closed after a staggering seven weeks have passed since a scary elevator incident shut the attraction down. The landmark is a staple of Calgary’s skyline and one of the city’s biggest tourist destinations. As of now, no one knows when the Calgary Tower will be reopened.

After a terrifying elevator malfunction, the Calgary Tower website displayed a message stating “due to repair work on our elevators, the Calgary Tower is closed until further notice.” This message remains on the homepage of the Tower’s site to this day.

Curious members of the media have been met with either silence or ambiguous statements when inquiring with Aspen Properties who own the Calgary Tower. Locals can't help but wonder when the Calgary Tower will be reopening. A spokesperson for Aspen Properties told CTV News “We do not yet have an update.”

The Calgary Tower originally closed due to a shocking unforeseen circumstance in mid-July. During the incident that caused all the mayhem, two out of the six elevator's cables snapped, causing it to drop and trapping eight people inside.

The visitors were stuck in the elevator for approximately three hours before being rescued by individual harnesses lifting them out of the broken elevator.

Visitors who were at the top of the tower or dining in the restaurant were forced to walk down 56 stories. Those who were unable to walk were carried down by firefighters. The incident is what nightmares are made of, but thankfully no one was harmed. However, the damage to the elevator must be serious considering the tower has yet to re-open to the public.

According to Aspen Properties’ website, 300,000 people visit the destination every year. Visitors of the tower pay to ride an elevator to the top and often eat at one of the two on-site restaurants. Therefore, this long-standing closure is deeply impacting the Calgary Tower’s potential revenue.

In fact, the Calgary Herald noted that tourists have been visiting the tower only to be deterred by locked doors and a sign reading “the Calgary Tower is closed until further notice.” Though the sign does apologize for the inconvenience, it doesn’t give any indication as to what is happening and well the Calgary Tower will resume business as usual.

What is to come of the Calgary Tower? For now, it remains a mystery.

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