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Here's Where You Can Buy Tickets To Skip The Ridiculous Line At Stampede's Nashville North In Calgary

The ten days of the Calgary Stampede (which, in case you were wondering is July 6-15) are the best ten days of the entire summer. The city practically shuts down and everyone is down at the fair grounds or grabbing a free pancake breakfast. Dress shirts are exchanged for plaid, Converses are exchanged for cowboy boots, and everyone suddenly forgets who they are to turn into John Wayne. 

If you've been to Stampede, you know that the real party is at the massive Nashville North tent. The tent is jam-packed full of young people having the time of their lives drinking and two-stepping (or at least trying to). 

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However, if you've been to this massive party tent, you know that it wasn't without MAJOR patience and difficulty waiting in the absurdly long line. People wait up to 2 and a half hours just to get into this place!! The line is also filled with people cutting, bumping, and straight up doing their "business" in empty bottles or on the floor... it gets pretty crazy. 

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Well, dear cowboys and cowgirls, the long-awaited solution is here. You can now buy tickets to "Buck The Line" and forget about the ridiculous line and wait times, but it comes at a cost. Tickets range from $79-$119, depending on the day. 

For all you first-time stampeders, you may be thinking "Why would anyone on earth pay that much money to avoid standing in a line?"

Well, my friend, I challenge you to go to Nashville North on a Friday night and battle the crowded lineup without at least contemplating it once. 

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The line may be long, but the party inside is totally worth it, and is definitely a "must" if you want the full Stampede experience. Buck The Line and you'll thank me later.

You can buy your tickets HERE

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