Are you an avid beer drinker? Do you also love getting active and trying new things? I have two words for you: Beer. Yoga. It's every beer lover's dream. Ok maybe not EVERY beer lover's dream. I mean your Uncle Joe who spends morning afternoon and evening in front of the TV with a brewski probably isn't interested in striking a tree pose... but regardless I know that YOU are (even if it's only because there's beer at the end of it). 

It's being hosted at Caravel Craft Brewery, and it's in collaboration with Moksha Yoga. On May 10th at 7pm, you can do a 60-minute yoga class inside the brewery (which is one of the largest in Calgary), followed by a tasting flight of the craft beer that is made there. If that's not motivation, I don't know what is...

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Tickets are $20 and include both the class and the beer, but are almost sold out so reserve your spot here ASAP. If you aren't quick enough, don't worry, they do this event several times a year so keep an eye out! Or hey, you can always just do a DIY beer yoga at home in the meantime. 

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