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You Can Do Yoga With Adorable Goats Near Calgary This Spring

There's Betty and Veronica, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Buzz and Woody: Words of contrast that give us life and teach us to love things that typically don't go well together. Are they all iconic? Yeah, but 'Netflix and Chill' is about to get dethroned, because no pairing will bring you an overwhelming sense of joy this spring, like goats and yoga.

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After months of freezing temperatures, anything over zero degrees is a blessing. We're all dying for some fresh air and a little vitamin D; I can't be the only one waiting for spring! It's about time to stretch your legs and do something a little bit different - and this? This definitely qualifies. 

Downward dog and prepare to be surprisingly "totally fine with it,"when these adorably meme-able animals nibble at your toes... or your water bottle, your pant leg, or high pony. This hour-long class of absolute bliss will be the temporary answer to all of our problems and a pen mark on every Calgarian's bucket list this spring!

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The class is held at the Granary Road Market, located just outside Calgary and is complete with every farm animal or activity you could imagine. Because this activity, in particular, is open to all ages and all level of skill, it's an easy sell to the friend who has never taken a class in their life, or even the whole family! Spend a little extra time before or after the class with the alpacas, check out local vendors at the Farmers Market, or go for a drink at the 'Salt Box,' a bar and a fresh bakery.

While you strengthen your core, expect things to get a little messy! This out-of-city brand of yoga isn't recommended for anyone unfamiliar with a little dirt. Classes are held where the goats can play and run comfortably: In the Granary Road greenhouse.

Like the predictability of an unnecessary Riverdale musical number or a bad boyfriend, it looks like goat yoga is here to nama-stay. Confirmed classes will start March 30th and run twice a month until the end of May, with more expected to be added throughout the summer - which gives you plenty of opportunities to center yourself while snapping a few unforgettable pics.

Oh, and the goats are pretty adorable. Who doesn't want to hang out with some cute little goats for an entire afternoon? Sounds pretty perfect to us!

Tickets can be purchased on Granary Road's website for $20 per person. Be wary that there are limited tickets on sale for each class. Instructors recommend bringing your own yoga mat - two for insulation on chilly days and that you wear weather appropriate clothing.

For more information on hours, location or purchasing tickets, you can visit their website

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