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You Can Explore These Magical Hidden Caves In This Gorgeous Alberta Town

Get ready to adventure this Spring!
You Can Explore These Magical Hidden Caves In This Gorgeous Alberta Town

If you've lived in Alberta for most of your life, it's likely that you've taken a trip to Canmore at one point or another. This little town not only boasts some of the best mountain views and hiking opportunities in the province, but did you know that it also has one of the largest cave systems in Canada? There's over four kilometres that have been mapped to date, just waiting for you to explore!

Now admittedly, the idea of going exploring in a cave can be pretty scary. We've all seen movies where people get trapped on expeditions, and those can be enough to turn you off of the idea for life. Thankfully, though, companies like Canmore Cave Tours exist so that you and your friends can do some underground exploring, totally worry free.

With warmer weather coming, it seems like the perfect time to plan your next adventure! But as it turns out, caves actually maintain a pretty reasonable temperature of 5 degrees Celsius all year round, so you can head underground and explore 365 days a year! 

This is definitely an activity you can do more than once with a unique experience every time, as Canmore Cave Tours has a variety of different tours for you to try, including Explorer, Adventure, Discovery, and Solitude! They even hold the occasional event in the caves, with things like concerts and movie nights.

Next time you're planning a trip to the mountains and feeling particularly adventurous you have to make sure you check out the underground wonders as well.


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