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You Can Get Boozy Pink Popsicles Drink At This Alberta Restaurant And They're Perfect For Summer

Are you a fan of fruity drinks, popsicles, and booze? Yes? Well then there's a restaurant in Alberta that has created the drink of your dreams, and it's absolutely perfect for summer. This unique creation is perfect for those scorching hot days where you wish you liked beer because it just looks so refreshing. It also satisfies your inner kid craving for a popsicle!

What is this marvellous creation of which I speak of? It's called a "poptail" - AKA a popsicle cocktail (amazing, right?). It is your next go-to drink for sunny summer days!

@cilantro_chiveembedded via  

@cilantro_chiveembedded via  

Does this bright pink glass of deliciousness not look like the most refreshing thing in the world? Well, let me tell you first hand that it definitely is. It's the perfect combat to the ridiculously warm weather we've been having recently.

These "poptails" are made with local handmade popsicles, your choice of Strawberry Lemonade, Lime, or Saskatoon Lemonade, and served on ice and Italian Prosecco. I don't know about you but my mouth is watering just looking at it! 

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Ready to cool off with your own? Head on down to Cilantro & Chive (near Red Deer) at 50 St Lacombe, AB. It's basically smack dab in the middle of Calgary and Edmonton. Not a fan of sweet and fruity drinks? This place is also famous for their ridiculous caesars!

Enjoy and drink responsibly!

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