Ever been in the mood for ice cream, but wanted something a little more unique - not just a plain ol' scoop of ice cream in a cone? Boy, do I ever have the perfect dessert for you. Three words amigos: ice. cream. tacos. Who would have thought that such a classic Mexican dish could be made into such an epic ice cream treat? 

Burger 320 serves up some EPIC food, and they are the brilliant minds behind these ice cream tacos. Picture this, huge balls of ice cream squished into a waffle taco shell that has been dipped in chocolate and covered in sprinkles and then topped with a bunch of toppings. Sound good to you? Yeah. 

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Ice cream tacos sound a little too hard to eat? Maybe their ice cream nachos are more up your alley. Vanilla bean soft serve on a bed of waffles chips and cowpie, served with warm chocolate and fresh whipped cream...

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And maybe you need a milkshake or two to wash down those sweet treats... although you'll probably need a glass of water to wash down these gigantic milkshakes. 

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Convinced yet? I am. This burger joint is definitely my new go-to place for a decadent dessert. 

Burger 320 is located at 814 1 Ave NE. Open Wednesday to Sunday from 11 AM to 9 PM.