For those with a sweet tooth, nothing quite compares to the sweet, sweet taste of a warm, sugary churro. For all those dessert lovers who live in Calgary though, you can get a little more enjoyment out of churros from one food truck in particular. Why? Because they load up their churros to create an even more amazing churro experience (if that's even possible). 

From drizzled chocolate to crunchy sprinkles, from chopped peanuts to shredded coconut, they can create the dessert of your dreams right in front of your eyes. The finished product is also so pretty that you almost don't want to eat it either! Just kidding, you'll definitely devour it in about .3 seconds just like I did. 

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Whether you're into sweet, salty, or tropical, this food truck has just the churro for you. The fact that it's a food truck itself makes it even better too, because you either get to go on a hunt looking for it with friends which is always super fun, or it will just randomly pop up at an event you're at and it becomes the best day ever!

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The food truck is called The Exploring Moose, and it's definitely going to be your new favourite dessert spot (or breakfast, or dinner, heck, you're an adult now and can do whatever you dang well please!). 

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