In a foodscape that sees desserts getting all kinds of sugary upgrades, 2018 has brought us a first. Edible cookie dough first took off in New York and has since spread across parts of the United States and Canada. But we're in 2018 now! We're all about improvement and we're all about kicking it up a notch. 

So if you could, give a warm and sugary welcome to the cookie dough burrito. This newest confectionary treat comes to Calgary, courtesy of Family Dough - a cookie dough stand with locations in Calgary and Edmonton. 

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The treat is three scoops of cookie dough wrapped in fluffy cotton candy. Cookie dough flavours include Valentine's dough (smarties and love heart sprinkles); Peanut Butter overload dough; Winter Unicorn Dough (marshmallows and winter-themed sprinkles); and classic chocolate chip - to name a few. 

In addition to cookie dough, they also do flavoured ice pops and cookie dough bulldog floats. If you didn't know what a Bulldog drink is, it's a cocktail that includes an upside down beverage - usually Corona. But in this case, make it a soda and add some good'ol cookie dough (and more cotton candy). 

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The cookie dough burritos will be available at all locations starting today. There are three locations in Canada, at Cross Iron Mills, Kingsway Mall and Southcentre Mall. So what do you think? Does it earn a spot on your sugary bucket list, or has mankind gone too far?