If you don't watch Nashvilleyou're seriously missing out. The show follows the lives of several music artists who are all trying to "make it" in Nashville, with varying degrees of success and some serious drama along the way. It's one of those shows that is guaranteed to make you cry at least once every 5 episodes.

Anyone who watches the hit show knows that there is some serious talent on set - not just acting-wise, but singing wise. Nashville is known for the original music that it generates within the show, because it's freaking amazing. If you're into country music, you definitely need to check out the soundtrack

If you DO watch the show, you're probably in love with all of the cast members (like I am). I mean, just look how absolutely gorgeous everyone in the show is:

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Well I have good news for all you Nashville fans. This July, two of the shows biggest names are coming to Calgary and performing, and YOU can buy tickets to go see them! Wondering who the big names are? Get ready to swoon because Charles Esten (Deacon Claybourne in the show) and Chris Carmack (Will Lexington in the show) will be gracing our presence. 

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They are both performing live at Cowboys Music Festival on July 6th. So get ready to swoon, because these two guys will definitely steal your hearts - not only with their looks, but with their velvet voices. For more information and to book your tickets (only $24!!!) click here