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You're Not A True Calgarian Unless You've Eaten At Least 17 Of These 25 Foods

Are you really from Calgary if you've never been to Peter's??
You're Not A True Calgarian Unless You've Eaten At Least 17 Of These 25 Foods

If you've lived in YYC for over a year, it's safe to say you can start considering yourself a Calgarian. You've probably gotten used to our ever-changing weather, and being cut off every 5 minutes while driving on Deerfoot, but have you had the chance to experience everything this city has to offer?

Calgary easily has some of the best restaurants you'll find in Alberta. From ramen, to milkshakes, to tacos, to brunch, we've really got it all. We've compiled a list of Calgary's absolute best foods; things that you can't not eat while you live here. How many have you crossed off? Are you a true Calgarian?

1. Breakfast Burrito at Higher Ground Cafe // 1126 Kensington Rd NW

2. Mr. Chicken at Holy Grill // 2 locations around Calgary

3. Macarons at Yann Haute Patisserie // 329 23 Ave SW

4. Prime Rib Melt at Vintage Chophouse // 320 11 Ave SW

5. Cashew Chicken at Tuk Tuk Thai // 636 17 Ave SW

6. Popsicles at River Cafe // 25 Prince's Island

7. Eggs Benny at Belmont Diner // 2008 33 Ave SW

8. Pizza at Alforno Bakery & Cafe // 222 7 St SW

9. Arepas at Model Milk // 308 17 Ave SW

10. Vegetarian Pizza at UNA Pizza + Wine // 618 17 Ave SW

11. Bun Dac Biet at Pho Dau Bo // 4909 17 Ave SE

12. Korean Vegan BBQ Steam Buns at The Coup // 924 17 Ave SW

13. Veggie Ramen at Shiki Menya // 827 1 Ave NE

14. Pork with Mac at Chachi's // Various locations around Calgary

15. Sourdough Bread at Sidewalk Citizen Bakery // 618 Confluence Way SE

16. Chicken & Waffles at The Beltliner // 243 12 Ave SW

17. Waffle Breakfast Sandwich at Diner Deluxe // 2 locations around Calgary

18. Ice Cream at Village Ice Cream // 3 locations around Calgary

19. S'mores Donut at Jelly Modern Doughnuts // 1414 8 St SW

20. Bacon Stuffed French Toast at Wurst // 2437 4 St SW

21. Grilled Cheese Burger at Regrub // 625 11 Ave SW

22. Tacos at Native Tongues Taqueria // 235 12 Ave SW

23. Milkshakes at Peter's Drive-In // 219 16 Ave NE

24. Hot Dog at Tubby Dog // 1022 17 Ave SW

25. Southern Fried Chicken Poutine at Waffles & Chix // 1235 26 Ave SE

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