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These California Earthquake Tweets Are Trending & They're Absolutely Hilarious

If you're a California local, earthquakes are nothing new. While news of a 3.6 magnitude quake near San Fernando is no joke to some, SoCal locals kept calm and shook it off. Instead of freaking out, residents decided to laugh in the face of Mother Nature by making hilarious California earthquake tweets.

After all, when you live through about 10,000 quakes each year, it almost starts to become a part of your routine. If you haven't lived in the Golden State for a year or more, this is pretty much impossible to understand.

For some Californians with a little extra creativity, this scary natural phenomenon is more like a fiesty, entertaining stand-off between an indignant state and nature. We honestly don't know who our money's on in this epic battle.

Even when buildings are shaking and the ground is literally moving under our feet, we still speed on the freeway while holding hot coffee, go for a leisurely run, and yes - make stupidly entertaining videos of our lives. Take a look at some of these clips that made us LOL.

Check out these "Amazing images of the devastation in the Los Angeles Earthquake."

It also seems that the earthquakes always hit when you're just about to sleep. 

You: *literally nothing*

The Earth: *Hold my beer* 

While many Californians ignore earthquakes, some of them can still catch us by surprise. One user joked, "The only way to verify an #earthquake in LA...Twitter" If we didn't yell about it, did it even really happen?

Sometimes, it's almost as if we can sense them before they even happen. Could it be the sixth sense? 

It's clear to see that even when we're shaken up a bit (all pun intended), we still don't lose our cool. Stay cheeky, California.