In 24 Hours, California Has Had Bee Swarms, An Earthquake & A Grizzly Bear Warning

All in a day's work.
California News Today Includes Bee Swarms, An Earthquake, & Grizzy Bear Warning

The Golden State has had a lot of action the past day. If you watched the news yesterday, you might have heard about 40,000 angry African bees let loose in Pasadena. Well, today tops yesterday. In just 24 hours, California news includes bee swarms, an earthquake, and a grizzly bear warning.

A 3.5 magnitude earthquake shook the central state this morning when it hit Castaic at 5:42 a.m.

Aftershocks carried to other cities, including Ridgecrest, Lone Pine, Beckwourth, Ukiah, and more, running all the way down to Baja, Mexico. 

Last year, Southern California saw 1,000 earthquakes occur.

Not long after the quake, news broke that a rare Grizzly bear sighting occurred near a local elementary school in Monrovia.

The estimated 500-pound bear is currently roaming through local neighborhoods and capturing local's attention. Fox News video reported the bear greeting dogs behind a fence and rummaging through trash for food.

Monrovia Police issued a statement on social media that the California Department of Fish and Wildlife had been notified and are currently en route to relocate the bear.

This news wraps up a busy 24 hours after Pasadena streets were shut down due to the beehive outbreak.

A local firefighter suffered from seventeen stings after responding to a call and five people were hospitalized.

The hive has since been removed from a local hotel balcony. However, the bear is still roaming free

However, city officials say there is still much work to be done to remove remaining bees from the hotel where they were found and the surrounding city. 

This is a developing story. Check back for additional information and updates. Stay safe, Californians.