A Southern California skilled nursing home evacuated over 84 seniors after caretakers failed to show up to work. Riverside County Public Health officials released a statement today after a large number of staff employees didn't show up for two days in a row. Thirty-four of the seniors now have COVID-19.

The official statement from Riverside health officials noted that "one certified nursing assistant of the 13 scheduled showed up to work at the Magnolia Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, which prompted Riverside University Health System and Kaiser Permanente to send a total of 33 licensed vocational nurses and registered nurses to care for the residents at the facility."

The report went on to say five employees contracted COVID-19 and there are no planned tests for the 90-bed facility, Magnolia Rehabilitation and Nursing Center.

Brooke Federico, a spokesperson for the county's public health agency told U.S. News the residents were being moved to other facilities that will follow the virus containment measures. If well enough, other residents would be sent home.

They also reported that the county did not know why the scheduled health workers didn't show up for work.

Yesterday, the number of COVID-19 cases in Riverside County reached 1,016. Riverside County's Public Health officials noted there have been 28 deaths and 67 recoveries.

Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer weighed in on the concern surrounding nursing homes and their conditions during COVID-19.

“There are families who in fact have those resources and are able to go ahead and make that offer,” she said.

“But I also know there are many families who are faced with the horrible reality that they cannot effectively care for a person in their home either.”

Riverside County officials notified the family members of the nursing home's evacuation this morning. Family members may call them directly to check on the status of their loved ones.